An authentic partnership


All of us at Lean Competence Partners follow the one guiding principle of building relationships with people based on respect and trust and sharing our Lean knowledge to help transform businesses and cultures for continuous improvement.

We will help you to overcome the challenges during a Lean Transformation, show you how to apply the Lean Tools and Lean Systems correctly, and assist you to build the necessary Lean Culture for a sustainable Lean implementation.

Our main goal is to help people grow and realize their full potential!

Lean Management

At the beginning of each engagement, it is essential to experience and to understand the client’s unique situation. We achieve this by working closely with managers and other staff to ensure the necessary transparency. We then prioritize and begin to implement our concept.

Operational Restructuring

What is initially seen as a temporary problem can quickly develop into a profound and existential crisis. In such situations, companies are faced with new and sometimes unknown challenges that have to be tackled quickly and professionally.

Interim Management

Vacancies in top management can arise through unplanned departures of executives, an open company succession or through unexpected illnesses and deaths. In such cases, the shareholders, the company and other stake holders often face major challenges.

Business Coaching

Managers and people with high responsibilities are exposed to enormous stress. We offer professional coaching in crisis and conflict situations for individuals and teams.

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